Some cool books I learned about…

ROSE1This past week,  some fellow Co-Masons told me about some interesting books I thought I would share…with those who were not “there.”

The Hermetic Code in DNA: The Sacred Principles in the Ordering of the Universe – This first book is written by Michael Hayes and you can see it on Amazon on the link above. It’s not a clean-cut read and it can be very difficult to piece together what he’s trying to say in places. However, the concept overall is intriguing and very much Pythagorean. While not exactly “Masonic,” anyone who is familiar with some of the esoteric side of Freemasonry will enjoy reading this book. It has inspired me to continue my curiosity regarding music, God, and the mysteries of the universe. This same author wrote another book, now out of print, called Infinite Harmony. I’m guessing it’s along the same lines as this one; if anyone out there has read it, let me know.

Egyptian Harmony: The Visual Music – I know I’ve talked with many people about this one but I’ve read some more by this author and I think it goes hand in hand with the one above. This author, Moustafa Gadalla, is a fascinating read in anything he does. He believes that the originators of the Egyptian pantheon were really setting out “avatars” for their gods and goddesses, and that each avatar is an aspect of the “one” god. He backs up his assumptions with some interesting facts. He’s head of (or part of, at least) the Tehuti Research Foundation, and their objectives can be found here:

Lastly, I have Rose Croix Essays: This spiral bound book was first printed in 1980 and has to do with the Welsh versions of the 18th degree Rose Croix degree. I know there are personally many, many versions of this ritual and haven’t seen this ritual personally. This book was republished in 2007 with the “blessings” of the S.C. of England and Wales 33rd degree. It contains some history and some short essay talks, albeit geared toward that degree. I wanted to put this out there for the new KK. of HRDM in my life.

With fraternal love for all,


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