Welcome to Masonicology

Masonicology is almost a redundant word as Freemasons are dedicated to learning. The branch of “science” called Freemasonry is what I would term the definition and I’ve decided that I’ll throw my lot in with the rest of the people in the Masonic world who have an opinion. I am pretty sure this is just about everyone.

I am a Co-Mason and I belong to the Honorable Order of American Co-Masonry, The American Federation of Human Rights. The opinions and statements that I make here in no way are to be taken as a statement of fact from that order. These opinions are my own and no one elses. I want to make that clear up front. I do my best to represent my order with dignity and respect. I love my group and will defend it at all times.

My sole purpose in creating this blog is just to spread Masonic thoughts. There is so much ignorance and misunderstanding in the world that it seems that one more voice of reason, I hope, will make something clear. If it helps just one person gain some light, some further understanding of not only Masonry but of what we are promoting – service and love – then it is a good thing.

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